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Seeds Fit For Your Farm

At Farm Service, Inc., we offer high quality brand name seed as well as public released seed fit for your farm. Whether you're in the market for corn, grain sorghum, soybean, wheat, or locally grown rice seed, our retail locations have the varieties suited to your operation's needs.

We produce and sale locally grown, high quality conventional rice seed varieties. Also, We are one of only 19 seed companies in the U.S. certified to produce, process, and sale Clearfield rice seed.

Farm Service, Inc. is an authorized dealer of most major seed brands including Croplan, Asgrow, Dekalb, Pioneer, NK, Credenz, RiceTec, etc.

As part of our services, we offer custom seed treating service as well as contracted seed production and processing services.

Farm Service, Inc. is a licensed seed retailer in Arkansas and Missouri and is a member of the Arkansas Seed Dealers Association.

For more information, contact our Seed Department at (870) 886-3530 or email info@fsicoop.com.

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