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Farm Service, Inc. is a member-owned agricultural retail cooperative based in Walnut Ridge, AR. We have retail stores located throughout Northeast Arkansas, including Corning, Hoxie, Knobel, Lynn, Pocahontas, and Walnut Ridge. Farm Service, Inc. currently serves members operating in the Northeast Arkansas counties of Clay, Craighead, Greene, Independence, Jackson, Lawrence, Randolph, and the Southeast Missouri counties of Butler, Oregon, and Ripley.

At Farm Service, Inc., you'll find a full-line of agricultural fertilizers, seeds, and pesticides. We also offer livestock feeds, farm & ranch supplies, lawn & garden supplies, automotive parts, hunting supplies, and firearms. We carry a full line of agricultural application services, fuel delivery services, and seed production & processing services.

Our History

Farm Service, Inc. was founded in March of 1965 in Hoxie, AR under the direction on manager Harold Davis. It began with nine board of directors elected by then current members. The original elected members consisted of Tom Sloan, Robert Bruce, Joe Belk, Jack Sloan, Maynard Casper, Joe Richardson, Monroe Smith, Carl Collar, and Muriel Allison. The first membership meeting was held in February 1967 and has continued each spring since.

In 1965 retail locations were added in Hoxie, AR and Lynn, AR. A third location was added in Knobel, AR in 1969. In 1972, a fourth retail location was added in Pocahontas, AR. In 1983, Farm Service expanded in Clay Co. with the purchase of the Datto Coop in Datto, AR which was relocated in 2000 to the current Farm Service, Inc. outside of Corning, AR. Farm Service, Inc.’s newest location was added in 1996 when it purchased Northeast Arkansas Seeds, Inc. located Hoxie, AR.

Today, Farm Service, Inc. takes pride in providing exceptional customer service and maintaining a high level of integrity. Farm Service, Inc. strives to continually stay up-to-date with advancing agricultural technology and providing its customers with the latest advances in product and service technology.

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